Friday, January 25, 2013

Florida Writer's Association: Sebring Scribblers and Scribes

                  The Florida Writers Assoc. group, Sebring Scribblers and Scribes.

    I  lead a writing group in my community of Sebring, Florida. I was surprised to find so many published writers and many "wannabes" here when I started the group more than 8 years ago. We meet on the first Wednesday of each month at Beef O' Brady's Sport's Bar in Sebring.
    We have hosted Tom Corcoran who writes mystery stories about the Florida Keys, among other things; and Jack Everett from the UK who writes great stories with help from a cohort, David Coles that reek with ancient history, if you like that sort of thing. Check out their website Our meetings cover many subjects and most of our emphasis is on publishing, both self and traditional. Some time ago, we also hosted Ron Reikki who wrote U.P.(Upper Peninsula of MI) and supposedly, it's being made into a movie...or not. Last we heard, Sean Penn was interested.Our meetings are chock full of interesting publishing information, book signings on occasion and workshops on aspects of writing.
     Right now, I am trying to get my first novel published. It is here on my website as a summary and is complete and written in three books. It is a long saga, but fantastic story.  My "readers" have said it is a real page-turner and they were disappointed that it finally ended after over 500 K words.  
     I am attempting to get the first book of the trilogy published which is 12 chapters and about 140,000 words.
     Having the experience of being published by Prentice-Hall, University Press and Writer's Club Press, Mirror Publishing, WritingRaw online magazine and The Florida Writer, FWA's magazine, I have the opportunity to share knowledge with my members, many of them having joined FWA after a few meetings with me. Our group averages from 8 to 38 members at a given meeting with my contact list at 78.
     ALERT: I'm always looking for speakers/presenters who may have a book to showcase...or not. If you have something to share with writers in the way of philosophy, technique, publishing, internet book set-up, etc. and are local enough to Sebring (Lake Wales, Lakeland, Okeechobee, FL) please contact me and we can plan for you to introduce your work with a write-up in local papers prior to the meeting. We don't collect dues so can't pay a stipend...but I can buy you dinner!

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