Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A poem for the unpublished as yet novel...The Sensuous Disciple

I wrote this poem in 2016 while editing on the beach somewhere in Florida:

A Good Book on the Beach

Cool sand beneath my feet
It’s cooler than cool…it’s downright cold
The air is crisp with warm waves from the sun
It is March and the ocean is tempting me to come in

I sit on a low beach chair
It is warmer closer to the ground
I am glad for those moments when the wind subsides
But I enjoy being half wrapped up but yet naked in parts

I toyed with putting up a screen
The wind pulled it down several times
I finally gave up and just built a dam around my chair
To keep the ocean from encroaching too closely and drowning my things

I’m reading a good book out here
The sand is blowing in gusts over my pages
I think to quit a few times but I’m just getting to the good part
Reading here is better than reading in my warm bed with a light on

Nothing can compare to the beach
When the water is too cold to swim in
And the wind is blowing colder than a witch’s tit
Don’t join me on this one because I’d rather be all by myself…
Reading The Sensuous Disciple.