Friday, January 25, 2013

Information about me

   I have four grown children, the youngest being an artist, Kurt, who has already designed the book cover for The Sensuous Disciple. He lives in Albuquerque and is as close to me as my laptop and the camera and "team view" that connects us. He is my computer guru who set up this website for me. He and his wife who is a microbiologist in cancer research, travel the world. Kurt is a graphic designer with many large companies as clients. He is also a photographer and artist. His work is displayed in several galleries around the country.

  My older son, Erich, has recently sold Alpha Loss Control in Jupiter, FL. He has trained field people to survey businesses prior to insurance companies granting them insurance. He lives in the wilder part of Florida, Jupiter Farms, and enjoys the wildlife that is attracted to his property by the PalMar Preserve that is adjacent to his property. Not to be satisfied with just that, he also has developed a "lodge" out on the Kissimmee Prairie where he can camp overnight in more wilderness with a little finesse. He has an enclave there where he can get away, do work on his computer, or just enjoy the wildlife and ride his ATV with my grandson, Gunnar. He is the main character in my children's book, Dippy Duck's Adventures from Mirror Publishing Company. I did my own illustrations and there is more about this in another post titled Dippy Duck's Adventures, above.

  One daughter, Juliette, lives in the Melbourne area and has also gotten into Photography, big time. She is already selling her photographs. Her son, Jake (my first grandson) is also in that area along with his family.. wife, Dawna and my great grand daughter, Alannah.

   Another daughter, Jennifer, still lives in NJ with her husband , Charles (where I am originally from, almost). 

   I live in Sebring, Florida with my husband where we keep a wary eye out for hurricanes (from either coast) while I continue to write: short stories, poems, children's stories...and an occasional Letter to the Editor. We were displaced from North Hutchison Island (Ft. Pierce, FL) when "Jeanne and Frances" battered our condo in '04. Two years later, we settled in Sebring.  I started a writing group...Sebring Scribblers and Scribes...(another post) after joining the Florida Writer's Association. I'm busy writing through the month before my meetings which are every 1st Wed. of the month at Beef 'O Brady's, a sports bar  in Sebring, FL.

   My husband is a retired civil engineer who, among other large projects, was part of the design and construct crew on the Walt Whitman Bridge that spans the Delaware River at Philadelphia and connects it to Gloucester. I wrote a poem about that bridge and his involvement...An Engineer Remembers. It was published in the online magazine, WritingRaw in  October  2011.We recently made a visit to Philadelphia where I finally was able to see the bridge from the ground and not just from an airplane window!We had flown over it on our way to the Finger Lakes a few years ago.

   A serious search is in progress for an agent or a publishing house for Book 1 of my Trilogy, The Sensuous Disciple...see above. My children's story, A Christmas Moon, was published by Mirror Publishing in 2012...see above. The second one, Dippy Duck's Adventures was also published Mirror in 2013...see above. My other publications from earlier years are on another post. I've been writing since the early 80s.
   Short stories pile up on my laptop and I've been published a few times with short stories by Florida Writers Association in their magazine, Florida Writer. Once in a while, I yearn to do something with my artistic talent. I have been so wrapped up in writing, I've almost forgotten that I was an artist at one time, teaching it for 40 years. I thought retirement would give me time for all of it...but that's proven to be a fallacy. 
    I was able to spend some quality time illustrating Dippy Duck with  pastel drawings which came out great. The farm atmosphere of the story really shows in the pictures which are mostly full page. See above how you can get a copy for a 4th to 7th grade reader...and it's a cute story to read all ages.
   I'm doing one other thing well...I can go like a whiz on this keyboard!  (except for the occasional typo!) Keep posted with my posts!

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