Friday, January 25, 2013

The Sensuous Disciple and other writings

   I have a few short stories in progress, have completed 2 more children's stories and am working on a second novel with an eye to a sequel for the three books already written of The Sensuous Disciple, in the back of my mind. I am married to a retired Civil Engineer who was a true partner in the writing of The Sensuous Disciple. He was my ‘outline guru’ and the source for details on the oil drilling process, off shore drilling rigs and the skyscraper building sections of the novel as well as the development of Doug’s and BJ’s professions and character details.
   In this section I will post bits and pieces of The Sensuous Disciple so you may get a feel for my style and the characters that I bring to life in the novel. You may see a poem, now and then, too.

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