Friday, January 25, 2013

Summary of "The Sensuous Disciple"

                                                                 Book 1

I should have screamed…I should have run away. I wish I’d never been born! These are the thoughts of Kit Swenson, a young girl—violated. Feelings of guilt overtake her as the act creates, instead, a liaison…one that develops into a love so deep that it transcends ten years of interference, neglect…and only occasional meetings. But, oh, what meetings!
The following is a synopsis of all three Books of The Sensuous Disciple.  I have decided to break it into the three sections: Bartow, FL, Ft. Lauderdale and New Orleans. I hope to entice a publisher with the first book and the promise of two more, already completed.

Growing up in a small town, Kathryn Ann Swenson pals around with a few boy she grew up with. They enjoy summer activities together, one of them being swimming in a local closed pit in the phosphate-rich area of Bartow. Her father works as a superintendent at Wingate Phosphate Products. Her mother is strict and doesn't allow her to date, even though she's almost sixteen. She is raped when she is selling candy for her cousin's football team and eventually develops a bond with the man, secretly.
Kit is a willing and able student, absorbing all of the information, culture and philosophy that Douglas Wingate offers her, along with his constant tutelage in the ways of love.
                            This is the part of the trilogy I am trying to get published.
                            I've decided to break it into 3 separate books because of the
                            length. This one is about 140 K words. 
                                                               Book 2
She makes her way on her own in Ft. Lauderdale, fending off would-be lovers (and even attempted murder and rape) while she develops a variety of business skills. As a topless men’s club receptionist and accountant, a paralegal in a lawyer’s office and a loan officer in a bank, she gains confidence and experience along with relationships that fill the void after Doug moves to Atlanta to start his own business. Her experiences here are exciting, strange, scary and romantic. Doug is still in the background as Kit attempts to romance/love with another man she met in Book 1. Things get complicated as Kit expresses her independence but also her dependence on Doug's guidance.

Her adoration for Doug and his continual guidance in her career are the threads that weave through this action-packed saga. It is filled with sensual love, friendships, family joy and humor.
                                                                  Book 3                     
Kit’s character develops as an intelligent and talented young girl into an extraordinary and powerful young woman when she accepts a position in the New Orleans oil exploration industrym breaking the mythical "glass ceiling" in the early 1980s. And then, romance becomes even more complicated!

Will Kit become the wife of a minister…or fall in love with an oil magnate? Doug has been her past and occasionally, her present. But will he be her future? From Central Florida to Ft. Lauderdale to Atlanta to New Orleans, the story will have you loving— and hating—the people you’ll meet in The Sensuous Disciple.

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