Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Christmas Moon...children's gift book published by Mirror Publishing Co.

A Christmas Moon (Purchase on Amazon)
This is from the back of the book. A Christmas Moon is designed as a gift to be given and read to a child who loves bedtime stories. This one is a Christmas story, blending the Baby Jesus' birth with Santa and Saint Nick. It leaves spaces for the recipient child's name to be written in by either the child or the presenter's hand, making it an exciting and cherished keepsake from someone special.
  A grandmother is visiting her grandchild and his/her parents on Christmas Eve, bringing pies and cookies for the family. The child has been allowed to stay up a little later; but it's bedtime now, and grandmother is begged to do the story-telling before sleep. The moon is a big, silvery disc, shining through the child's bedroom window as the story unfolds, with questions and answers about the holiday that the child may help fill in.
   I retired from teaching children's art for many years, all over the country, was published by Prentice-Hall and invented this story as I told it to my second grandchild one Christmas Eve when the moon was full.

   This book  sells for 9.99 and may be ordered through any bookstore. It can also be purchased on line through Amazon, Barbesandnoble and (Business accounts may contact Mirror Publishing in Milwaukee, WI  414-763-1034.) You can also go to, click on authors, select B and find Beswick. The book will come up for you to see.
   How about personalized copies? I'll sign the front piece and Script in the child's name on the bed quilt in the last illustration...and I'll fill in the 35! spaces with the child's name, address and where he/she was born if you'll give me that info by email. Books will be  mailed out to your address after I email you the cost with postage included.)

   Get ready with gifts for all or your grand or great-grand kids for next Christmas...or put some away for unexpected events. These make perfect gifts for an expectant mother, too. Who else will be giving such a unique gift at that baby shower?

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